Adding multiple members at teacher account


Hi friends,
I need to add hundreds of members (students) in my team.
How can I do that, other than one by one.


One-by-one is the only way to do it using a browser.

However, C9 makes a REST API available. There’s a thread somewhere in here about how to automate the process using the API.


The only thread I know of refers to the lack of a REST API. Unfortunately, the only way to automate it would be through userscripts or headless browsers, which, as far as I know, no one has attempted.


You’re right. I mis-remembered what the content of the thread was.

Here it is: Invite team users via an API

I’m a bit perplexed why C9 can’t just allow multiple email addresses to be pasted into the input box and their backend takes care of splitting the values and sending out the invites.


I also suggested allowing a domain based signin, so you could allow all emails with, say, to sign up. That way, you’d just have to tell them to sign up, and never enter any email. Simpler for everyone.