Adding a cloud9 ruby app site to github repository help



I was doing one of the upskill courses 'upskill_sass_tutorial ''

  1. SSH Keys Will Link Cloud9 to GitHub

and was at the point of linking my work from clound9 to github and accidentally copied and psted the ‘https’ link to the terminal while creating a new repository instead of the ‘ssh’ link and it asked for a username and password in the command prompt which cloud9 wont let me enter the password for security reasons im guessing ? and i cannot redo the step by entering the ‘ssh git remote’ chunk of text because it says "fatal: remote origin already exists"
so im just not sure what to do. any help would be appreciated . thank you!


First, you can change remote links like so:
git remote set-url <remote name> <url>

Second, what do you mean it won’t let you enter your password? If the password doesn’t display and the cursor just stays in the same spot, that’s a build in security feature. In reality, your password is being typed in, but it isn’t displayed, so that no-one can see that you’re entering it. If you enter your entire password and press enter, you’ll find that it registers the password as being entered.

Hope this helps, if you have any more questions just ask.