Add Vue JS Syntax Highlighting


Hi I’m currently strugling to add vue syntax highlighting to my local c9 installation. It uses this tmlanguage:

You can see example .vue file here

Where should I start ?


The easiest way is to fork and use to create a new mode.
Vue file looks very similar to regular html files? What new syntax does it have?


Yup, it just concatenate html, js, and css block in one file but without <html></html>.

We can specify the type for each block, for example we can use jade (pug) to code our html, or use scss to code css, all in one .vue file.


I have a similar requirement where file having .mxd extension should have same feature as XML.I hope, suitable source code responsible for this in c9 (lib/ace/ext/modelist.js). So for my requirement, I need to modify this source file at C9 end.

I am a C9 user, not C9 developer. How can I modify this file and apply in my C9 portal?



How to write plugin to enable xml properties in new file extensions like test.mxd, test.mxl and test.mxh