Add option to use monaco as editor



Hi, Ace is very good, but Monaco is great ( ). With that code completion for many languages is done and cloud9 could benefit from a lot of code already written for VS Code for parsing and linting and so on.
Attention, I’m not suggesting for cloud9 to become VS Code, I dislike lots of it, but the editor is arguably the best it has to offer.
It would be great If I could just change the editor to monaco like we can do with Vim and Sublime mode.


Unfortunately, things don’t tend to be that easy.
Ace already has its own code parsers and linters. Changing to monaco would mean a complete overhaul of the editor. You could technically do it yourself and remove the ace editor “plugin”, or run it server side, and use a preview window.
I do like the monarch tokenizer as it appears to have a superior syntax to ace’s. Maybe someone could port it over so ace could use its syntax?