Add-on to C9 to make pushing/pulling to GitHub super easy?



We are teaching kids HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with Cloud9. We want them to publish their work to GitHub Pages, but we don’t want to teach them git until later. Is there some plug-in or add-on to Cloud9 that will make this super easy for them?

Changes Panel not adding new files either automatically or manually

Have a quick look into Preferences. Under Experimental, Panels, you can enable Changes Panel, which is exactly what you’re looking for.
I’ve used it to see comparisons of files, which work very well, but I haven’t used it for pulling/pushing/staging files/commiting, because I have some comfort using the terminal and because it’s still experimental.
Maybe @bradydowling or anyone working on this plugin can tell if it’s safe to use.


It sounds like it’s safe from this context but to be honest I usually just stick with the terminal cause that’s what I know (pretty lame, I know). It is experimental though so there will be bugs, which could be confusing for students who hardly know git.

That being said, it’s definitely worth looking into and it’s accessible just as @EtienneWan mentioned :thumbsup:

Changes Panel development status?

Thank you guys. This looks perfect. Only problem is I can’t git add any files. I click the up/down arrows next to the Commit button and select “Add All” but nothing happens and no new files are added. The only way I’m able to git add any files is typing git add in the terminal. Otherwise, commit and push works as expected. Haven’t tried the branches functionality yet which kids will have to use to push to the gh-pages branch.


I use a shell script to automate the push phase then simply type ./, write my commit message, press enter. it just runs 3 git commands. to pull, I simply write git pull. simples. :slight_smile: