Add new folder directory in $PATH



Hi ! I have a very simple problem, i wanted to try statamic on a c9 workspace, but i can’t find back where to set env $PATH and how to add a new path.

If someone can point me out i would appreciate it !

(if precision needed : )

Make sure to place the $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin directory (or the equivalent directory for your OS) in your $PATH so that the statamic executable can be located by your system.


Just use the command c9 open ~/.bashrc, then add the following line at the bottom:

export PATH="$PATH:/your/path/here"

After saving the file, close and reopen your run configurations, and use the command source ~/.bashrc in your terminals. What this command does is simply set your PATH environment variable to what it is currently plus whatever path you add.


Perfect thank you very much for the quick answer !