Add gitlab support


With the repositories feature where you currently have github and bitbucket. Please add support for gitlab.


There’s nothing stopping you from using a gitlab url in a workspace. It’s just not setup for logging in. As a result, you’ll have to manually add your ssh key to your gitlab account to use ssh for uploading. :slight_smile:


Yet it would be very useful to use

  1. As OAuth server
  2. As git repo server


  • They have unlimited private repos for unlimited collaborators
  • You can have a private instance


As @jms1989 mentioned, there’s nothing stopping you from using as a server for your Repos. I do it myself - it’s exactly the same as cloning and pushing with GitHub (or any other Git remote).


I didn’t say you can’t, but can you compare copy-pasting urls to the easiness of simply selecting a repo and going on?
I know it sounds like laziness, but it is the concept and not just this single small feature.


I understand - would be nice to have, but probably low priority I guess.

But note that you don’t need to use the command line to set your GitLab repo up. You can simply copy the link to the GitLab repo in the text field when you create the workspace (c9 actually sets your origin and push remotes correctly).


@uda @b2m9 valid points from each of you and well noted. Gitlab is certainly becoming more prominent so OAuth and such would be welcomed I’m sure.


I second that! A deeper Gitlab integration would be very welcome! :slight_smile: Is there any progress on that?


I’d like this feature also!