Add both github and bitbucket account?



Is there a way to do that?

I don’t know if it’s common, but I have:

  • my public / hobby repositories on github
  • my private / work repositories on bitbucket

…however, now that I’ve linked my github account, it seems that I can’t link my bitbucket account additionally to it? What a pity. Or is there a way I missed?

By the way, the “cloning repository” is a nice feature, thanks!


You can connect your account to both via the “Connected Services” link in your account settings. Here’s a direct link:



many thanks for the prompt support. A link to this page on the repositories page would be great!

The issue I now have is that, after clicking on “Connect” and granting the authorization from bitbucket, nothing happens. The button is still green with “Connect”, and the repositories don’t show up. No error messages either.


I just tried again, and looked at the network, here is an interesting piece:… -> 301… -> 302…&oauth_token=… -> 403 Forbidden

Then, despite it didn’t work, it redirects to dashboard.