Add bookmarks in editor for lines of code


I would love to be able to set bookmarks on lines of code, to navigate quicky.

The bookmark could be used as a specially formatted comment inside my code (like you detect /global/, the editor picking it up and showing for instance a navigation menu with those in a handy way.

Now i do searching for comments, but more then once I have several hits :wink:


+1 @rielzzapps :smiley:

This and leaving annotation style comments on code would be cool imo.

Have you seen C9’s Outline feature in the meantime?

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shouldn’t bookmarks be saved in settings instead of code?
If cloud9 adds comments and searches for them in all files, it will have several hits same as normal searching.


@harutyun, I’m imaging something like setting a breakpoint that saves that line of code into a custom “Outline-like” vertical tab on the right menu-panel. Or something that follows/tags function definitions or similar.

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+1. This would be a huge relief when dealing with huge code files.


+1 Bookmarks would be very handy!


+100500 :relaxed:



This is the only thing stopping me from using C9 IDE on some projects.

I have to use IntelliJ IDE just to have bookmarking feature and navigate to parts of code I’m working on fast.


Has there been any progress on this feature request? I was astonished to learn that the editor doesn’t have bookmarks. It simply didn’t occur to me that any modern code editor would be without them.


Still nothing?

It really does boggle the mind.


I’m curious about this, does the bookmark get attached to the line number or the code contents? e.g. If you bookmark line 10 then add 4 lines before it, it must move with it right? Are there any other instances where the bookmark is moving? Could you attach a screenshot of how it works in another editor?



Most editors use bookmarking.

Yes, the bookmark will move down when lines are inserted above it.

Codeanywhere and SublimeText 3 user [CTRL+F2] to set, and [F2] to navigate to bookmarks. [CTRL+SHIFT+F2] to clear all bookmarks.

In CodeAnywhere you cannot see the bookmarks.

Sublime Text 3 inserts a little icon to the left of the line"