Active workspaces for starter plan


Hi, I’m posting to ask if this feature is available on the starter plan for C9.

I need my apps to stay active and accessible via the preview url even when I haven’t accessed the project IDE for a few days. This is so my teacher can access it and test the application for grading purposes in their own time, since I’m developing all my solutions on C9.

The inactive workspaces support page isn’t very clear on which premium plans offer this.


Good question so I appreciate you asking this. All premium plans behave the same way in this regard so the starter plan is just as good as pro in terms of when processes stop and workspaces hibernate, etc. I’ll change the documentation page now to reflect it. Let me know if there’s anything else that unclear and I’d be happy to clear it up :muscle:

How to keep my app running indefinitely?

You could also invite your teacher as a collaborator in your workspace then when they go to mark your assignments they can open the workspace themselves and run the application / preview.


That clears it up. Thanks!