ACE cursor flashing red, unable to edit any text



ACE cursor now flashing red, and I am unable to edit any text in any file. This has happened three times in the past two days… The problem the first two times was resolved only by deleting the workspace and starting over. I tried logging out and back in, refreshing the IDE, changing themes, and here I found a suggestion to execute a chmod, but that didn’t work, either.


sounds like you have activated the vim mode, use edit>keyboard mode>default menu item to switch back, or open the ide with ?reset=1 to reset all settings to their defaults.



Before I got your reply, I tried the following, which seemed to correct the problem;

 Window  | Presets  | full IDE

However, when I tried

Edit | Keyboard Mode | Vim

it didn’t immediately cause the problem, again. Nevertheless, I reverted back to

Edit | Keyboard Mode | default IDE

No point in tempting fate or good sense.