Account downgraded from premium, cannot upgrade again


I’ve been a user of C9 for several years now, and I’m loving the service. I’ve run into an issue with my Premium account, and here are the details below:

I’ve been on Premium for a while now, and it’s been working just fine.

Just a few weeks ago, I had to get a new debit card issued, and I forgot to change the payment method in my account.

My premium subscription was suspended because of that; and all my workspaces have been set as Read-Only.

I went to add my new debit card to my account, and the first few times I tried, I got an error that the payment method was failed because of “Gateway rejected: a(something)”. I realised that I had typed something out wrong, and when I tried to enter the payment details again, now I’m faced with “Gateway rejected: fraud”


I really need to get my workspace back online, but I can’t do so until I can upgrade back to Premium again. But it looks like my account has been marked for fraud. I checked my bank account and everything seems okay there.

What should I do to try and fix this?