Account Blocked - Still haven't got any answer yet



I was using c9 for years, and i was really glad with the service, but before 2 months my old account, as well new account got blocked without any warning or reason gaven what so ever i think one of my college students which i created a user for him broke your terms of service which i still dont know what is anyway i used to store my bussiness database there customer information email marketing and everything since that i had lost of money because of dataloss i tried however to get to support i emailed lot of times but they dont seem to respond i posted like 10-15 times on cloud9 community and even messsaged the employes they didnt respond as well i created an aws account had a call with the support they said try to get help from someone who actually works on c9 so im really frustrated i think i emailed you on this email too but i will do again i will keep doing until i get what i want which is either everything i had on my account my data or unblock my account for a few hours so i can make a backup of my data please dont ignore me and try to resolve this issue for me which has been a nightmare for such a long period im really frustrated angry and at the same time tired.

my old account username: majestyz5

my old account email:



Since Amazon has purchased the company the TOS have become muddied. You are not the only one who has/is having this problem. As I have seen from other statements, these questions to them will go totally unanswered and your account locked. One person did say they upgraded to a premium account but that kinda sucks just to get an answer.


Yeah i know that i have seen lot of complaints from other people too regarding the same issue im facing right now is there any way you could possibly help? i would like to talk to you on google hangouts or skype.


Yea, any time. Just shoot me a message.