Account blocked for the wrong reason


Hello, my name is Megabyte918 and I am a developer over at Ogar Unlimited on GitHub, and It seems my account has been blocked. We’ve talked about c9 and Ogar, and how its not supposed to be used solely as a free VPS here, and a mod explained that its fine, as long as your only using it for development purposes.

My name is Megabyte918 on GitHub and I’ve made a bunch of Pull requests which have contributed to the development of Ogar Unlimited, such as #399, #488, and #417 (I cant link them, search them up in the closed PR’s) and a bunch of other ones in the past all using c9 to code.

I’ve been treating my c9 workspaces with respect, I’ve been following all the guidelines, and I’ve even made sure that I don’t leave my servers running when I leave by exiting out of them when I am done. I wasn’t using c9 as just a free VPS like other people do with Ogar, I was actually coding and developing things for Ogar Unlimited.

I’ve never gave anyone the link to my server, nor do I leave it on for anyone to join and made the link to it public like some people do. I was just using and running it solely for development purposes and bug testing, just as the mod said we could do in the issue I described earlier.

My account was, and It was blocked for no reason. Did I do something wrong? Something I wasn’t supposed to? If anybody can help me recover my account and get it unblocked or explain what I did to deserve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


We’ll mine too, i’m Lukkez, i was just learning js to make my own Ogar who isn’t just a server, much more things i was planning to add on it.


i have use to edit some files on ogar and i have test is working with those changes or not.
I have test max 10Min, start and stop server not to play. and my account is not deleted.
Btw, if you test it for 1/2 Hours and if you use to much CPU Your account will be deleted like this.

I’m Not from support. Just i’m telling you what i know.

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Thanks for the very detailed and polite post :slight_smile:

Unfortunately as we’ve had many users coming to Cloud9 purely to use it as a free VPS for Ogar we’ve had to do a blanket ban on accounts running this software and your account got caught in that.

As you are a developer for Ogar and I can see you’re using Cloud9 for development not just as a free VPS I’ve added you to the whitelist and your account is now unblocked. Please do keep using it considerately and only use the server for testing purposes.

Regards, Tim


My account also got banned but now i cannot logout of my account and i cannot create a new one