Accidentally deleted x86_64-linux-gnu!



I was trying to clean out some unneeded libraries to make some space and accidentally deleted x86_64-linux-gnu from usr/lib/ . Pretty much nothing works at this point as to be expected. Is there anyway I could get these files remounted in my workspace? Or even just restarting my workspace would be helpful. My account got grandfathered in with the 5GB of memory so would really like to be able to use it if possible

my username is mccarvik and workspace is:

thank you in advance for your help


Were you able to repair it? the workspace seems to be working well


Hi Harutyun,

Thank you so much for the quick reply. After about 18 horus of hacking I was able to miraculously copy over the files in the exact location they were needed and get it up and running again. So Im all set. Thank you for the reply though, very nice to know that the C9 support is this responsive to user needs

Unrelated, but after shopping around, I am convinced C9 is the best platform when it comes to cloud based IDE’s