Accessing external NFS (racksapce)


I wanted to access my NFS in rackspace but I have to allow access to my cloud9 hostname(IP) which I’m unable to locate. Is there a workaround?


if you run curl it will return your Cloud9 server IP Address which you should be able to use for this.


Thanks Tim, I did get the IP which I allowed access to but it says permission denied. The NFS mounts have permissions “nobody nogroup”.


What command or tool are you using to access this NFS? Are you able to access it from your local machine? Have you tried changing the permissions or contact rackspace support about this?


mount IP:/path/folder /localpath/folder


yes…i am having the same issue…just keeps saying permission denied. I am trying to use amazon EFS. I have the NFS setup for i tried with and without ip…domain name…played with folder permissions too.