Access to files in shared workspace files (shared by another user) from within the terminal



I have RW access to someone else’s workspace. While logged into my account, I can open up a URL in a new tab in my web browser

How can I get access to these files from within my workspace terminal bash? I want to be able to use c9 open, for example, but this gives me the content for the cloud9 page asking you to login.

Thanks for your help!


You need to open the IDE for that workspace at From there you can access the files in the terminal. The files are located at /home/ubuntu/workspace.

The command c9 open <path> expects a file path and can’t be called with a URL.


Are there any workarounds? I am a high school teacher, and my students use cloud9 and give me read/write access to their private workspaces. I had them name their workspaces in a specific format. I can manually generate links to all of their projects that I want them to submit (by using the preview link to the file). When logged into my c9 account, I can open webpages that download their projects via link. However, I cannot find a way to grab or download their project files via link from within my c9 workspace. Is there a way to do this? Thank you!


If the preview URL is public, you can download the files via the command-line using curl or wget, and then open it:

$ wget
$ c9 open filename


So the preview URLs are not public, but the accounts are shared directly with RW access. Any workaround to do this within Cloud9?