Access local network



I’ve a simple python script that ping hosts,
I would like it to have access to my local network and ping one of the machines.

Is it possible ?
I intend to run the script manually.



Hey @geostant,

What server are you running to do this (node, python)?
Each server has it’s own special setup in Cloud 9. Depending on the server you’re running, you can lookup it’s details online.

I don’t know if it’s possible but I’d say to give it a shot and report back.


@mikeumus I think you’re spot on. This is possible in theory but probably not how you’d think, @geostant. Since Cloud9 is a web application, it doesn’t have any special access to your local network unless you make your network publicly available on the internet or rig up something else. I’d be interested to know if you figure something special out.