Accept other payment methods


I would like to be able to see Paypal as a payment method when i try to proceed with the payment. Thanks in advance.

Please accept Bitcoin Payments
Bitcoin Cloud9?

Hello @emilwalker :slightly_smiling:,

I just signed into my C9 Billing Settings and didn’t see any options to use PayPal. However you may request a free PayPal Debit Card (from PayPal) and use that as a MasterCard to pay for your Cloud 9 IDE account (this is cool because it connects to your bank account and PayPal gives you cashback just for using it).



I don’t have credit card. Also, my debit card doesn’t support International Payments. Please allow Bitcoin payments, as they are real easy and fast


I’m not sure that this will happen. Bitcoin is a risky transaction for corporations to take. @bradydowling


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Bitcoin isn’t risky, bitcoin is life. If you aren’t considering adding it vanilla-way use the service bitpay. It is an amazing bitcoin payment gateway for merchants and it allows you to instantly convert it to fiat money, or even set a % of bitcoin/usd, to not convert all.

You add bitcoins in, I’m Pro for life :slight_smile: , and I’m sure lots of other amazing coders will be too. Specially those who comes from the cryptoland, making online stuff much more secure since its existance.


+1 for Bitcoin payments.

Some Logistics: Costs to cloud9 for certain payment methods.

Credit Cards? 3% + 40 cents per transaction (or less if you guys got a good deal) with a hefty fraud rate that the merchant has to bite the bullet on.

Paypal? a little over 3% but I’m not sure how the fraud rate is or whether they make the merchant eat those losses.

Bitcoin? 1% through Bitpay or Coinbase. There is hardly any fraud, and even in the rare occurrence that there is, you will know within 10 minutes and can immediately cancel their subscription. Or avoid it all together, set for a 10 minute wait on the callback, send the customer an email and boom, 0% fraud rate. Direct deposits to your corporate bank account. Charge $10? Get $9.90 in your bank account. Bitcoin’s price has 0 to do with anything.

On a personal note: My #1 use of Bitcoin is on tech services such as namecheap, vultr (VPS rentails), and many others.

Tell me I can buy a year upfront with Bitcoin, and I’ll do it. Send me reminders to buy another year before my year is up and hey, I’m there.

Sure it might not bring volume, but I can imagine that considering your audience, you would get quite a few upfront full year sales at the very least.


I was just reccomending you guys make a Bitcoin Feautre. There is already a Javascript Framework for handling all the Bitcoin Transaction:

There are lots of people who dont use Thier Credit Cards online(For Security Purposes). Of course there is Paypal, but this is just an additional feature you guys can handle!


I would like to upgrade ma free plan to Individual, but for some reason I can’t use my card. Will it be possible to pay using PayPal account?


We’ve updated our payment backend and hypothetically it will now be easier to support Paypal but we still haven’t specced out exactly how “easy” that would be so this is up in the air.

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Bitcoin payments are much easier than that.

You can literally implement them with a few clicks and filling out a few forms at Bitpay.

This is a list of all the existing payment frameworks that they are one-click integrations with.

As well as libraries that are specifically for implementing bitpay’s payments using many languages.

I have integrated bitcoin payments for 5 sites before, and each time took literally 30 minutes, most of which were filling out the forms to submit for bitpay.


Agreed, i also would switch to premium immediately if they add Bitcoin as payment method!


Not implementing Paypal on any website is a potential loss of income.


I would have upgraded already if you had paypal support


Please implement paypal payment, I would have upgraded weeks ago with it.