Absolutely cannot login to my wordpress installation


After working on a wordpress installation in one of my workspaces and shutting down, I now cannot login. The wordpress site is running fine, but when I add /wp-admin to the home page link, I get the login page but it will not accept my credentials and, more importantly, absolutely will not send me a “lost email” message to my inbox. I’m totally stalled - can;t get into the wordpress backend. Any ideas?


Emails won’t send from Cloud9 apps unless you set something special up. With that said, the easiest way to get in is to just create a new user, either from the command line in MySQL or from PHPMyAdmin.

I’ve done this before following this guide for creating a new Wordpress user with PHPMyAdmin. From that guide you can use the direct MySQL method or follow the PHPMyAdmin method, just make sure you have PHPMyAdmin all setup.


Thanks! Worked perfectly.


I’m having the same issue although I was just suddenly logged out while working on the site. I now can’t log in. I have does as suggested and created a new user through PHPMyAdmin but that one also doesn’t work. Help most appreciated!