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Just wanted to toss in more cents. I am not a student. I like to unwind after a day at my real job by tinkering with web app development; maybe, someday, I will get an idea worth implementing. Your service looks far more robust than I would expect to get for free, but the jump from $0 to $20 is bigger than I am willing to manage when I have a perfectly useable editor on my local machine. So, why don’t I just use it? Because I’m curious and I like to tinker.

So, my two cents? Maybe a lesser subscription for less serious “developers” so they can contribute to the cause even though their total load on your system is minimal. I haven’t looked around enough to know what I would offer for, say, an annual subscription of $50? Or whatever your marketing gurus come up with. Something at login to say “HEY, THIS GUY CONTRIBUTED TO THE CAUSE!” and maybe an extra private workspace to tinker in while having a public workspace to show the world?

Heck, I would pay for that.

But I don’t pay $20/month for the music subscription I listen to 10 hours a day at work.

Student pricing

I wanted to clarify my previous post. I have been (and am still) using Webstorm while I migrate my tinkering skills from Scheme to Javascript/Node. Feeling a paid product is more likely to have continued support than many open-source products, I had very little problem paying $5/month for the use of the Webstorm IDE, although it did bother me having to subscribe to an application on my computer`with no option to just buy it outright. If have since found Sublime text editor that I CAN buy outright for $70, and once my current Webstorm subscription expires, I will be buying it.

Your service is different. A user is paying you to maintain the computer, replace crashed hard drives, administer the databases, &etc. A subscription for the service makes perfect sense because I am paying for you to continue to manage your service. I just don’t need it in the way a money-making software developer might need it. I just can’t test my local learning/tinkering on my cell phone or have a friend pull up my webpage and make suggestions or see how it looks on his tablet with my current setup. I don’t have a “dedicated server” I can ramp up while tinkering to check things out. That’s where you come in, for me.

I’m actually 100% satisfied with the free service and have no requests to make on how to make it of more value to me. But I don’t mind paying a nominal tinkerer’s fee; I just don’t want to pay it for what you have already offered for free.

Toss in something that says, “This person contributed,” and charge $5/month for it and see what you get. I don’t know what something would be. Maybe once a month you can have your server online for 24 straight hours instead of it disconnecting automatically. Maybe you get a special icon next to your name in community posts. I don’t know. You obviously have brilliant people working there - one of them has an idea.

Okay, done clarifying.


I’ve gone ahead and separated this out into another thread so I can start organizing the ideas from the previous thread. Thanks again for clarifying this and hopefully we can put this into play at some time.


No problem. Makes sense. I didn’t realize until re-reading that my posts weren’t actually so closely related to the original thread. I like the new topic heading - it’s more in line with what I’m looking for anyway. If it hasn’t been properly emphasized, I will toss in that a large number of subscription services on the Internet, be they for music or videos or specialized forums or whatever tend to fall really close to the $10/month mark, and that’s going to be a hurdle for you guys to overcome. People are just used to seeing $9.99 next to the “buy” button.

As for me, no complaints. I’ll stop pestering you now. Thanks for your patience.