Ability to add libraries in C++


It would be nice to be able to add precompiled libraries as dependencies in C++

Edit: Moved from feature request to Support. See thread. Thanks.


Just open a Terminal in your Cloud9 workspace. You have a full Ubuntu linux environment - so you should be able to do almost anything.


Thanks. I did actually figure that out… but maybe you could help me with this…

I am trying to create a custom runner that uses the following g++ command to include a library:

g++ -std=c++11 -L …/fltk/lib -I…/fltk -lfltk main.cc -o main.o

I can run this in my bash and compile just fine, but I cannot seem to get a custom runner to use the same commands:

“script”: [
“set -e”,
“if [ “$debug” == true ]; then “,
”/usr/bin/g++ -ggdb3 -std=c++11 -L…/fltk/lib -I…/fltk -lfltk $file -o $file.o”,
“chmod 755 “$file.o””,
“node $HOME/.c9/bin/c9gdbshim.js “$file.o” $args”,
"/usr/bin/g++ -std=c++11 -L…/fltk/lib -I…/fltk -lfltk $file -o $file.o",
“chmod 755 $file.o”,
"$file.o $args",

When I use this runner I get errors indicating it can’t find the library files.