A way to backup?


We were working on a project and had some trubble with our files, is there a way to back up our workspace ?
we were working at this adress https://ide.c9.io/liseduterne/paysagessence.
Hope you can help us.


Download may be a solution. Within the right panel file structure, right click on your WorkSpace name, and then choose Download.


I commit all of my file / code changes to GitHub: it might be a solution for you?


Thx for your both answer the thing is that the error is committed so i wanted to know if an administrator can backup my workspace like 2 days ago or something.
we didn’t backed up that was a mistake.


Oh! You know that you can check the history of your files. In the Editor, right click and I think that you should see a ‘File History’ option. When you find the version that you want, just check Revert to the right of the History Gauge


Hi, thx for all support you do, i saw that feature, our problems are that original files get removed :confused: so if our whole workspace can’t get backup we loose a bunch of work, but anyway its our fault.


you said the error is committed, that means you can’t lose any work, just switch to older version with git checkout shaofolderversion


Hi harutyun, i’m not familiar with git, can you try to explain me what to do ? is that implement into cloud9 ? sorry if my questions are stupid, i’m a student and i still have to learn :smiley: