A Fun Coding Challenge


Today I thought it would be fun to issue a challenge to the community. This is a web development challenge and you will find some of the skills you use stretched and used like you probably haven’t used them in a while.

If you have done this challenge before please do not give any secrets or answers away.


Do Not Post Answers In This Thread

Have Fun!

First Clue

Challenge = (function() {
    var search = /[nudevgotry]/g;
    var commands = [ 'diff', 'who', 'yacc', 'whoami', 'su', 'ssh', 'emacs', 'mv', 'less', 'find', 'make', 'vim', 'pwd', 'whois', 'ps', 'top', 'rm', 'gcc' ];
    var result = commands.join().match(search);
    return result.join('');


Sounds like a great idea, but what’s the challenge? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be answering.

Also people could post their solutions like so:

[details=The answer is here]

This is the solution


and it will look like:

The answer is here
This is the solution


There isn’t a solution that should be posted here. Once you solve that clue it will take you to the next part. You will know when you are done.


Ah I see, I ran the code and it makes more sense now :). I originally thought you wanted that code to be fixed in some way.


How far have you made it?


Got to Level 3 and stuck there because of the time it takes to get the question and it didn’t seem to accept the format of my answers. Fun stuff!


Level 3 can be buggy. I submitted my answer in my format 10 times exactly the same before it accepted…


to stupid to do the math :confused: