A few questions on switching account (I don't know how to word it)


Time Sensitive

My school is going to be shut down very soon (in the next couple of days) and I’m pretty sure it’s the one associated with my Cloud9 workspace (I don’t know how to check, so if anyone does please let me know).
The workspace that I have was originally associated with a class that I was taking, but now I use it for more personal projects (it doesn’t start with ide.c9.io, it starts with ide.classID.io).
I also saw that there is no way to create a new C9 AWS account, but there is a way to create AWS account through Amazon. However, I don’t have a credit or debit card to put in for the info so I can’t create an account.

  1. Will my workspace still be available if my email is not?
  2. Is there any way to share my workspace with another email and give it the access that an owner would (essentially copying it over)
  3. Can I change the email that the account is associated with (even though I can’t change the username)?

If there is a solution that I am not seeing or something in the FAQ that I didn’t read closely enough, please let me know.
Thank you so much!