A few questions about what I am allowed to do on c9


Hi I have a few questions about what I am allowed to run on c9. First for development I added the x window system on my workspaces and jupyter notebooks on one machine using vnc. I would assume these are allowed because it relates to coding / development.

Next am I allowed to connect to say freenode irc from my cloud 9 machine to ask questions about development.

Finally are we allowed to play linux console games on c9. I tried out a few. I hope I don’t get bannned.


I did some searching and found out I should only use it for development. Correct me if i’m wrong but this means yes to the julia \ jupytur norbooks and vnc and no to the irc / games. Sorry it said to try out terminal didn’t know I couldn’t try the games.


You can try any terminal games you want. (just make sure to read their source code first :wink: ).
You will be banned only when running stuff like online multiplayer game servers, (like minecraft or agar).