A few more ports and more RAM for 5$ a month?


I need more ports and more memory 2-3gig RAM would be nice. I develop in my spare time and cannot justify 19$/month when all I need is the free version with a bit more RAM. otherwise I have to consider alternatives


The $19/month plan is a great deal. Even one VPS is $5/month. Having unlimited ones for so little is quite competitive. Have you compared the alternatives? They are not cheap.


I also think $19 is more than what I would like to spend, and this is the reason I don’t buy a subscription (I actually bought one when there was the $9/mo offering which is no longer available)
The $19/mo is a very good choice relative to other ~$20 offerings, but having nothing between free and $19/mo is (to my mind) missing some very important market


C9 gives you 3 hot workspaces.
4 VPS costs $20 in your example and can use port 3000.

I canceled my teams pro membership last year waiting for port 3000 to be included or a cheaper cost since we cannot do most production work without constantly port swapping here.