A Few Annoyances / Issues


So I have a few things that have annoyed me with C9. Let me start by saying overall I am a huge fan and I advocate its use heavily, I absolutely love it.

However, I personally see huge value in C9 providing working environments for open source coding, sharing, etc in a way that guarantees it will work for others. Being able to get up and running with an open source library in seconds and/or seeing what a final environment may look like to help in integration.

My biggest upset is that i can’t clone my current project, modify it for open source distribution, then share it without sharing my private project… like… wtf?! How does that make any sense at all? With clone workspaces I woudl think tath would be the whole idea to allow sharing parts of but not all of a specific environment… but its not possible making the clone virtually useful for anything but forms of “branching” of a project which I already have available to me using git in terms of the source itself.

I could of course start from scratch… take the 1-2 hours to put a version of git that works with Amazon AWS, setup everything from scratch, and share but that is such a time waste that it makes no sense to do.

I honestly see the ability to browse, play with, and test environments and libraries as the next evolution of open source sharing… would be awesome to see that get started.