A bunch of network errors: dashboard does not load fully, workspace does not load



can someone help resolve the issue?
Screenshots are available here (should be watched from left to right): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jt3gxjg41dvjm6m/AACK9l1qeyRVe8GALRfu5WNma?dl=0

  • screenshot 1 - dashboard errors
  • screenshot 2 - at the same time I can directly access fonts, which are logged as forbidden
  • screenshot 3 - direct call to URL from last GET request before record: “Network Error: A network error occurred.” from console log in screenshot 1
  • screenshot 4 - error on workspace load
  • screenshot 5 - at the same time workspace-default.js is accessible directly.

Most probably the issue is about captcha and forbidding access from certain IPs. It’s fine, but is it possible to allow human-test to be passed?



Thank you for writing in and the detailed report. Can you tell me if you can reproduce this with other browsers / networks?



This appeared, as expected, to not depend on a browser, only a (any) network, which is considered to have high velocity of automated queries. Check out this screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/83nunriqk1ckmh2/chrome-screen.png?dl=0
To the left there is a home page, where user logs in - it does not load fully, because user has to complete captcha, but there’s not a single clue (except console log 403 forbidden statuses for some requests) pointing on that.
At the same time, using the same network, I go to check c9 status and here it is - look at the right part of the screenshot.
If I complete captcha on c9 status page (bored to make screenshots, will explain in a conventional way) and reload c9 home page, then it will have content loaded and will allow me to log in. What happens next is described in my previous message and is illustrated by screenshots (this is the link from the previous message): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jt3gxjg41dvjm6m/AACK9l1qeyRVe8GALRfu5WNma?dl=0

Hope it helps,

PS: a wild guessing - cdn.c9.io is protected by captcha, but the is no option to solve it and prove one’s human, or it does not get data about if captcha is solved or not. but why files stored on cdn are accessible by direct links is still a mystery.