A bit less whitespace



I know flat design is all the rage these days, without shading and more white space than content.
But as a “user”, I think it’s “overdone”.

Especially on the “workspaces” panel, I think there is too much whitespace.
With my 1366x768 display, a common laptop size, I can only see my 2 latest used workspaces on the workspace panel. Only 2, come on, that’s not practical! …you have to scroll scroll scroll, especially if you have more than a dozen of workspaces, and it’s very impractical to have an overview.

I’d love to see the box halved and a little less whitespace above the “Workspaces” title.

That “repositories” would use the same boxes would be nice too, currently they don’t even show the same amount of columns!

PS: generally a little less white space would be welcome, there is IMHO too much scrolling in the options too.