A Backup for blocked account!?


Hello! :grinning:
Just i want to know can you send one backup for my workspaces?!
my account is blocked because consuming too much bandwidth
i don’t want backup for all my instances but only one !
is one instance with wordpress
if you can send me a backup for this blocked account comment here and i will send my username and instance name in private message!

Download my workspace because isn't letting login

This is one for the top dogs @mutahhir & @bradydowling :dog: :dog:



Ha! :slight_smile: Thanks @mikeumus

@JashtsSerie can you write in to support@c9.io with your Cloud9 username and we’ll see what we can do. I’m afraid you might have to wait a while for the backups until our security team can review the case. With the upcoming holidays, there’ll be delays.


Cannot connect to workspace

okay ! Thanks :disappointed_relieved:


You can use too much bandwidth??? Woah…


yes :grinning:
this is the answer from support

if you are a support team i can send my account information and you can control my instance for VPN or anything else :smile: