503 Error When Trying to Log Into Account


I tried to log in to my C9 account just a few minutes ago and I keep getting a 503 error, or “Cannot POST /auth/login”

I have received no emails detailing any closing of my account, so I find this completely out of the blue.

I need access to my account as I am almost done with a school project and this was how I was working on it.


Hey jstrother,

Same thing happened to me. Try clearing you browser cache and history, and then restart the browser to login again. I hope this will be helpful!


I’m also having problem with logging in. Keeps saying Error 403: Forbidden and Service Unavailable.


I have cleared completely my browsing cache and history and when I log in, I get this in the Login form:

<html> <head> <meta charset=‘utf-8’> <title>Error 503 - Service Unavailable</title> <link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css”…


Same problem here…


I tried heisenberg10’s suggestion, but I ended up getting the same as manuelruizp84- a jumble of html code.


Can Confirm it doesn’t work, console also throws these warnings



It’s working for me heisenberg10! You are legend.


Same here… and feels like this problem frequently happens…


Same here…down here as well.


Same here… something around JS happened…


I am still having trouble logging into my account, or trying to reset password. When I log onto my account it says Error 503: Service Unavailable and when I reset password it says timeout. I need to show project tomorrow, and this is very frustrating right now.


Same things happen here! I cannot login to my account at all . I have tried to clear browser history and everything and it doesnt work at all…


Same happen here! can’t login,anyone have solution about this.


Same thing is happening to me. Can’t login to c9


I’m having the same issue, I even cleaned cookies and reset browser with no luck.
The only page loading is the login page, which shows a bug when rendering 503 error as html (unrendered).


same thing is happening to me here in the last 10 mins.

received the following message, Error 502 it seems


Same here, workspace freezed while working, reloading the page didn’t helped.
Now trying to login to IDE returns a 503 and https://ide.c9.io/ gives a 500 error.


Same here. Clearing cache, cookies and closing browser didn’t work. Tried from my phone on a different network, same results… 503 - service unavailable


Me too, this is extremly frustrating. I cleared my catche and history, restarted my laptop, but still shows the error