503 error when opening workspace


Have 2 of my workspaces showing this error:
503 - Service unavailable
The service reports it’s unavailable at this time. This has been logged and the appropriate people have been notified. Please check the Cloud9 status page for more information.

I was able to clone them and open the clone but not sure why I can’t open the original workspace.


Same here, I attempted to open my workspace, and the same error kept popping up. :sob:


Same here. It’s affecting my private workspace, not my public ones. Would like to hear from the support team, since this issue cannot be troubleshooted from our end…




I am facing the same issue from the past 4 days.


@megamaiku @arpit_3

Are you still having trouble with stuck workspaces? If so, can you write in to support@c9.io with the names of the workspaces in question and I’ll try to fix them for you ASAP.




Same issue for a while now, please reset the workspace.


Hey @mutahhir this has happened to me just now, any idea how to workarround it or fix it?


Same here, could you please fix it? username: jonatasjhw


I have the exact same situation for my nodejs work space now. It was working find yesterday.


oh yeah, i was also searching for some answers because i have pretty much same thing floalex ,could you come back if you find some answers? please?