502 bad gateway - site times out


Today my site has not been loading, it was working fine yesterday but today it does not, nothing has changed.

I simply run the site and then trying to access it, it hangs for a long time and eventually shows the “502 Bad Gateway” message, hoping for some assistnace.


Bump, still not working…


I have the same problem, my workspace was working fine and now, it doesn’t and now, i can’t login to my account.


Still happening, it’s been weeks. This is getting ridiculous.


Please tell us urls of workspaces where you see this issue.




Seems like that workspace doesn’t have any issues on cloud9 side.
The rails app never responds to the request from cloud9 appsproxy.
Try running curl localhost:8080 and it will time out as well.


http://clickdev-evanedwards.c9users.io/ is generating 502 bad gateway for several weeks now as well, with extremely intermittent periods of working (reload on the order of 50 times, before it “sees the site” and starts working).

curl localhost:8080 works fine, 100% of the time.

I contacted Premium support during the holidays and have reported it here in detail, but it is still an issue.


Still happening, in all workspaces, sometimes, i can see the edit wiew, but it’s just for a few minutes, later the workspace shutting dow, or show 500error server, please, i need some help, i can’t work like this.


I am getting a similar issue when running my javascript calling an api…
Can you let me know how to fix this?


I have the same problem as well; Ive been stuck for days!