404 error when npm start.. File path is correct though



Hello everyone!

I’m following a tutorial at https://thinkster.io/mean-stack-tutorial#beginning-node
where they guide you in building your first “blog” like site using MEAN… Im at the beginning node part of the tutorial and im totally stumped.

when i try and run the website, using npm start I click on preview running live application and a preview pops up with an empty page. I open up my console and it says

“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)”

I know the server is running but apparently cannot find the comment.js file, i checked the path and its correct, I dont know what i’m doing wrong.

thanks for the help!

p.s I dont know if you can see this but here is my cloud9 workspace code



Seems to be working with the Preview, live preview choice


yeah live preview works, but i cant get node running :confused:

nothing pops out, and says it cant find comment.js


I imported it, and see that one URL is


but the working URL is adds workspace


[I’m just learning my way around, so this may or may not be helpful information. ha, that running under apache, and got it to work with node.js server too]


i think i got it to work! thanks though man! you really helped :slight_smile:


Great !! If you feel the community, sharing your learning if it might help out others.