Cloud9 Support

Support on how to do something in Cloud9 or if features exist. For bug reports, use the bugs category.

How To

How to configure, install, and setup languages, frameworks, CMSs, and other technologies. Topics in this category may be created by invitation.

Feature Requests

Feature requests, UI/UX suggestions, and any other constructive criticism to improve Cloud9.


Something is broken, preventing normal use of Cloud9. Include reproducible steps, code you use, and screenshots. Only describe one bug per topic.

Workspace Not Loading

For instances when a workspace will not open or gets stuck resizing, archiving, etc.
Please include workspace url in the bug report.


Discussion about customizing C9 and using the plugin SDK.

Billing and Accounts

Issues or questions about signing up, signing in, billing etc. Cloud9 admins can see your email address and username (if you have correctly filled out your C9 username on forum signup) so no need to include that information.

Programming Help

Post general programming questions here. When you're having issues getting something to run or you're seeing an error in your program, terminal, or browser. These are typically not related to Cloud9 specifically.